ФБ 3000 (Стелла)

Type:  ФБ 3000  
Страна происхождения: 
Production date:  07 1983

Not much information is known about this unusual Russian lamp, type FB-3000, presumably 3000 Watts. I believe the manufacturer is Stella of Moscow, who is still producing special Xenon lamps today, however the logo of the modern company is slightly different than what is printed on this lamp. It appears to be an electrodeless lamp for microwave frequency operation. The bulb is made ​​in thick quartz glass and contains a quartz spiral coated with white material, possibly a heat-resistant light reflecting coating. The ends of the quartz spiral are brought through the outer bulb, and the ends have screw fittings for connection to a water cooling supply. A copper wire runs from each of the metal water fittings into the spiral. There is a flat quartz disc at one end of the spiral, also hollow, and connected to the middle point and one end of the spiral for water cooling. It is suspected that a high intensity discharge is struck in the gas filling between the inside of the outer bulb, and the outer surface of the spiral. Possibly, this is some kind of high intensity projection lamp. If anybody can help with the mystery about what this lamp is, I would be very pleased to hear from you!

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