КГМ 15-100 (УЭЛЗ)

Тип:  КГМ 15-100  
Страна происхождения: 
Дата выпуска:  III 88

Мощная галогенка из неизвестной техники. Буду благодарен за информацию, где такие применялись. Розничная цена не указана.

Из коллекции Янис Лиепиньш. Добавлено: чт, 04.08.16, 18:06


This is an early kind of lamp for aircraft runway applications.  It has the original first kind of base, introduced about 1960.  It is unusual to see it marked 15V 100W.  Actually these lamps were intended for use in large series circuits at constant current of 6.66 Amps.

It seems to have an interesting construction at one end of the filament - like a coil of bigger diameter screwed over one end.  I wonder if this is an early getter for halogen lamps, perhaps a piece of tantalum wire.