30-40/СК-220 (АзЭС)

Тип:  30-40/СК-220  
Страна происхождения: 
СК-220 от раритетного производителя АЗЭС. Есть сильное подозрение, что впоследствии он (производитель) превратился в БЭЛЗ, то есть в бакинский завод, но точного подтверждения этому нет. Этот экземпляр сохранился не очень, но уж единственный, какой есть.
Из коллекции Dominique. Добавлено: пт, 31.01.14, 01:34


I have such excat starter in my colection, also, not very well preserved. the metal is kinda harsh to the touch and it has very small bumps almost like the molding dye in the factory was damaged but nobody gave a crap to repair it. It has the same etching at thetop and has an orange glow inside, and a wax paper capacitor. the bulb isvery black, but still works. Biggrin

Well it's a kind of a strange discrepancy. On the one hand, Armenia and Azerbaijan were (and still are) very close in terms of geographical, historical and cultural background, so one would expect a rather similar quality of products from both sides. On the other hand, the BELZ products proved themselves to be quite reliable things, speaking of lamps and starters as well. I've found out this as early as in the 80s, when I've got many of these even not knowing for sure, which logo was this.