L 36W/840 (Osram)

Тип:  L 36W/840  
Страна происхождения: 
Дата выпуска:  09 08

Вот попалась на работе осрамовская люмка L36W/840. C датой выпуска непонятно. Светит хорошо.

Из коллекции пилот. Добавлено: пн, 08.08.16, 19:32


The only part of the release date I can understand is the "17r", which is indicating production at Augsburg, Germany, on machine 17. The rest is not known, but I think very new. Maybe from last 2 years.

Isn't it regular September 2008 (r,8,9,8) coding?

Absolutely precisely - 09.2008.

I don't know.  In that case, what means the 3 after r898?

I don't know. But this figure is in many lamps, after the date of marking.

Also on many of my lamps the fourth digit is separated from the code by space symbol, e.g. r148 1