HgL 80W (Tungsram)

Тип:  HgL 80W  
Страна происхождения: 
Дата выпуска:  04 1969

Младшая модель линейки ртутных ламп HgL от Tungsram. Мощность 80 ватт, колба стандартная, цоколь Е27 никелированный.

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Апрель 1969 года. T9D" and "IMP.", it is April, 1969. (с данной маркировкой выпускали с 1966 - 1976.)

А как определить, что это именно апрель?

На сколько помню я уже не раз публиковал (в ВК точно или в "Клуб любителей ДРЛ", или в соседнем) эту информацию по лампам Тунгсрам - информация от венгерского коллекционера ламп. Moments from the production history of mercury vapour discharge lamps of Tungsram:

A - январь

B - февраль

C - март

D - апрель

E - май

F - июнь

G - июль

H - август

I - сентябрь

J - октябрь

K - ноябрь

L -декабрь

This album contains all the high and medium pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps including the ultraviolet lamps (HgV/HGV) for scientific application, quartz arctubes (HgO/HGO, HgO-K/HGO-K, HgO-M/HGO-M) for sunbathing, the medical medium pressure mercury discharge arctubes (1967, PRK-) and xerox-copying lamps (1967). 1959: production of high-pressure mercury lamps have been launched in Hungary. At the beginning only a few clear (Hg) lamps have been made. We need to say there is no one piece had been remained. Soon after appeared HgL then HgLS coatings. We don't have any information about the luminous flux and CRI of these HgLS lamps. At that times these had a special shape of arctube similar to HgO quartz tube types. Simultaneously there was a special molybdenum construction arctube holder with several fittings and fault possibilities, and always with two starting resistors. These were the first corrected-colour high-pressure mercury lamps. Initially the caps were signed with a green colour stripe to distinguish these lamps from all the other directly supplied E 27 and E 40 bulbs. The first half of the 60's: quartz and xerox-copying mercury lamps have been developed. Although mercury lamps were in short supply in the first half of the 60's, the end of 1962 was the first grade of widening the variety of the mercury lamps. HgV ultraviolet lamps have also been existed from the earliest times. All the lampshape, the coating and the inside construction, etc. were totally indepedent things from each other.

** If Hungarian date code is in a format on MV or UV for instance:

- ... and etch contains "A017", it is 1959. - "T24" and "IMP.", it is 1962. (1960 - 1962.) "T" was in use until 1995.

Except for not the standard types. - "T3" and "IMP.", it is 1963. (1963 - 1965.)

- "T6L" and "IMP.", it is December, 1966. (1966 - 1976.)

- "T6L" is December, 1976. (1975 - 1977.)

- "2M" is December, 1982/-92. (1978 - 1995.) It depends on other circumstances. Late the two characters may take each other's place.

- "1296" is December, 1996/2006. (1996 - ).

It depends on other circumstances, for instance the addition "CE" sign have been appeared in 1997-1998, or the symbol of recycling much later. The months (A-M). Both "L" and "M" signed December. ** 1966: the variety of mercury lamps have become wider.

1968: production of HgLS lamps had been accomplished.

Early 70's: HgLI has already been appeared. Mid. 70's: for a short time HGLI/D daylight yttrium-vanadate phospor had been appeared.

Until 1975/-6: over 175 W TUNGSRAM/ORION mercury lamps have been made with outer dome and below 175 W without dome and all with the sign "IMP.". 1976: Hgl was finally ceased and inside-dome lamps have appeared.

Until 1982: 80 and 125 W lamps were also made without dome.

1978: porcelain insulator caps had finally been ceased under 1000 W. Early 80's: Mica thermo-protection and putty has been dissapeared. Appearing of mechanically-fixed base. 80's: the decade of the big variety of the Hungarian mercury lamps: DE LUXE (early 80's), EDL, KOMFORT (mid./late 80's), MERALCO, RESISTA, 50 W, etc. 1000 W has finally dissapeared. 1000 W mercuries always had mica, putty and the upper mentioned porcelain insulator.

Спасибо, ценное инфо! А что означает "IMP.", не удалось установить?

 Вот не знаю ?

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Кодировка ламп 80-х годов, что что строчки "2М" (1978-1995) вообще непонятна. Если второй символ месяц, то как он может быть декабрём, как указано в примере, если декабрь это L, М уже не вписывается. У моего экземпляра что то вроде 1М или IM, непонятно, проштамповано отвратительно, жирной кляксой.