ДНаО 140 (МЭЛЗ)

Illustrated here is an unusual Russian low pressure sodium lamp, manufactured by MELZ in 1966. The discharge tube has a U-shape, and it is assembled within an outer vacuum flask. Normally on European lamps it is possible to remove the discharge tube and replace that while re-using the outer vacuum flask, but on this Russian lamp it has been assembled with a powerful spring which is almost impossible to remove. Clearly it was the intention to replace the whole lamp when the discharge tube failed.

ФБ 3000 (Стелла)

Not much information is known about this unusual Russian lamp, type FB-3000, presumably 3000 Watts. I believe the manufacturer is Stella of Moscow, who is still producing special Xenon lamps today, however the logo of the modern company is slightly different than what is printed on this lamp. It appears to be an electrodeless lamp for microwave frequency operation. The bulb is made ​​in thick quartz glass and contains a quartz spiral coated with white material, possibly a heat-resistant light reflecting coating.

ДРОТ 2000 (Разряд)

DROT 2000 0682 OTK 5

Manufacturer: Razrjad
Lamp power: 2000 W
Production date: 1982 ?

An unusual lamp shape and a curious base for a metal halide lamp.

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